Photo Tips: Straps

A few camera strap companies have realized that wearing your camera in the middle of your chest isn’t always desirable or comfortable, and that using the typical strap over your shoulder—whether it’s around your neck or not—doesn’t always work well either. So the likes of Black Rapid and Sun Sniper have made straps that you wear from your shoulder on one side to your hip on the other, across your torso. The camera rests at your side, attached to a sliding connector for easy access. Brilliant design. But not exactly cheap.

IMG_3768 IMG_3767

photo photo (1)

See how that works?

I do a bit of event photography throughout the year and could see how such a strap would be fantastic. The camera is handy, but out of the way. It just wasn’t really cheap, and I’m not a quick purchaser. So while I delayed, God dropped an almost free alternative right into my lap. I “happened” to find the strap from a bag that we had, and it had almost exactly the hardware that the expensive straps did. The quick-plate for my tripod has a D-ring as the screw handle, so it was basically a matter of attaching the clip to that and I was in business! Thank the Lord!

The sliding clip attached to my tripod plate. Easily detached for tripod use!

The sliding clip attached to my tripod plate. Easily detached for tripod use!

One warning, though. I’ve had these clips slip on me, though I’m not exactly sure how it happens. Thankfully it’s never been disastrous, and I’ve used these successfully for a few years now. I hope that this tip helps you other photographers! If it did, feel free to leave a comment below.

God bless,

– Paul

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